Foundation Plumbing Leaks Gainesville Florida

Foundation plumbing leaks in Gainesville, Florida: Often times homeowners are unaware of the danger of hidden plumbing leaks lurking below the concrete slab of their home. Most homes in Florida are built on a “slab on grade” foundation which means the plumbing lines are running beneath the home within the concrete slab foundation. The copper plumbing lines running underneath your home and inside your slab can spring leaks over a period of time (we find that timeline to be around 15 years).

The water in Gainesville, Florida is very hard and filled with lime rock scale and deposits. This is abrasive to copper and, over the course of time, these lime rock deposits will cause the copper pipe to fail causing a plumbing leak within your home’s foundation. Unlike a plumbing leak that is above the home’s foundation, these leaks are very difficult to repair and locate and can go undetected for weeks ultimately causing expensive water damage and mold damage to your home. Plumbing leaks within the foundation can also lead to serious structural issues due to the water pressure moving sand and fill-dirt that is under your home’s foundation. Walls can crack when the foundation shifts and more plumbing issues can arise. Below are clues of plumbing leaks within your home’s foundation.

  • Water usage increase causing your utility bill to rise significantly
  • Hot spots in your floor
  • Wet spots on flooring that are un-explained
  • Cracks in your walls, ceilings or flooring
  • Water lines in drywall that are un-explained
  • Visible mold growth on building materials
  • Base trim separation from walls
  • Fill dirt in your yard that has been pushed out from your home

If you suspect you have a plumbing leak it is important to contact a leak detection professional as soon as possible. Gainesville Leak Detection is North Central Florida’s leading water leak specialist and can help you with your plumbing leak issues. Contact them today.