Water Leak Detection Gainesville Florida

Water Leak Detection Gainesville Florida: One of the most common plumbing leaks in Gainesville Florida is “Slab Leak” also known as “Foundation Leak”.  Often times these leaks start out the size of a pin hole and can go undetected for weeks at a time. Several factors make Gainesville Florida a prime spot for slab leaks. First Gainesville Florida is known for lime rock underneath the top soil which leaves deposits in our water supply. Lime rock deposits within the water supply result in what is known as “hard water”. If you look at the inside of your garden house you will see a build up of white film around the metal head this is lime rock deposits which are hard on copper pipes used for plumbing and over the course of time leaks begin to form. Slab leaks are very hard to locate and require specialty equipment and training most plumbing companies do not offer “slab leak detection” due to the liability and expense of specialty equipment required. Often times plumbing companies idea of slab leak detection is cutting holes in every wall that may have plumbing in the building. Insurance companies often times refuse to pay for the damage caused by plumbing companies efforts to locate slab leaks when done this way. In order to properly locate a slab leak you must have the equipment and expertise to listen for the leak. This allows precision and mitigates the destruction of leak detection efforts. A good leak detection company should be able to locate the leak within 60 minutes and should be within 12 inches of the leak allowing minimal destruction of building materials and damage. Plumbing lines underneath your foundation or slab can be hard to reach require skilled professionals with experience.

Plumbing Leak Damage Gainesville Florida

Plumbing leak damage Gainesville Florida: Plumbing leaks can cause a variety of damage to your home or office and often times can go undetected for days even weeks. Plumbing leaks in the foundation’s of homes can be difficult to locate with out the proper equipment such as thermal imaging camera’s, moisture survey equipment, sonar guided leak detection equipment. Leaks in a homes foundation often times start so small they can’t be spotted by the naked eye however they can grow the size of a pea within days flooding your home or causing hidden mold damage. Mold damage resulting from a hidden plumbing leak in your foundation can be costly and often times insurance companies are looking to deny the claim or minimize the claim. Most homeowners have what is known as an HO3 policy in the state of Florida. The HO3 policy is a standard protection policy regulated sold to consumers by insurance companies. Every year insurance companies review the claims for the year and make amendments to the policy any where they are losing money. The state of Florida regulates amendments to insurance policies attempting to protect the consumers from the insurance companies. Insurance companies decided mold remediation and mold liability was costing money so a mold limit of 10,000.00 dollars per policy period was passed. Hidden plumbing leaks can cause more then 10,000.00 dollars in mold damage in a 5 day period leaving the consumer or homeowner stuck with the remaining costs for mold related services. Mold remediation can be very expensive testing for mold contamination can coat as much as 1,500.00 dollars before any work begins. Mold contamination can be harmful to building occupants and should be remediated quickly by a licensed professional. Plumbing leaks in foundation of homes often times occur in copper plumbing lines that are 15 years old or more. North Central Florida has very hard water due to lime rock deposits which can be abrasive to copper plumbing lines over a period of time. Usually when a home suffers from a foundation leak in a copper line we find that chances of another leak increase by 50 percent. If you feel you have plumbing leak damage call Gainesville Leak Detection Inc.